HI ! I'm Ripsa. I'm a furry artist illustrator and 3D animator working in the video game industry.
I specialise in fantasy, and delight in bringing my clients' idea to life. I do semi realism and pay special attention to anatomy of the characters I work on.
I really enjoy drawing feral creatures, monster and dragon.
Feel free to contact me for larger projects!

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  • Аs a customer you will be required to provide: commission type, character visual references, order description and your wishes;

  • Displayed prices may to change according to the complexity and difficulty of each individual commission;

  • You will get an illustration for personal use only. If you are interested in commercial use DM me on my social to discuss your offer personally;

  • I can spend a few days to several weeks on a commission. I can't know beforehand how long it will take because it depends on the complexity of the commission, my health, and free time. If you have a deadline please let me know when you order;

  • I will provide WIP if I have a question and want to be sure the commission is going in the right direction. You can ask me for WIP but please don't ask too often;

  • Major edits must be requested at the sketch stage. Major edits will not be made after sketch is approved. Revisions that need to be made due to the client failing to supply relevant info (eg refsheets or descriptive info) until after the commission has started will incur a fee relative to the amount of work needed to amend the commission to specifications;

  • If I make several sketches, the ones those aren't chosen for the final artwork may be used by me as sketches for the other commissions from other customers or YCHs;

  • The customers is allowed to display the art in any medium (for instance, print) and claim the right on the character(s) but not on the artwotk itself. When posting the art somewhere you have to credit me;

  • You may not modify or ask another artist to modify the art (including but not limited to redrawing, tracing, recoloring...) but you can ask me for any minor change ;

  • I keep the right to use anything I make as an example of my work and/or to promote myself except if you ask me clearly to not post it anywhere online;


  • I accept payments in EURO, and you must pay me through Paypal. All commissions must be paid in full upfront and before I begin;

  • Payment plans will always be discussed individually via DMs. Only applies to orders over 200Eu;

  • I have the right to cancel the comission and refund you at any time. If you want a refund but I already began your commission I won't fully refund you depending on my progress on your commission;

  • All my products are Digital, please do NOT include your address upon payment! Thank you;


If you would like to commission me, here you can find all the information
seeing Price List and Terms of Service. All news about new commission slots will be posted on my Twitter Telegram channel or Furaffinity. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via Twitter, telegram or Furaffinity DM !

What can I do for you ?


  • Feral

  • Anthro

  • Creatures

  • Artistic nudity

  • NSFW (You must prove you are over 18)

  • Blood/ soft gore

  • Background


  • Very complex background (like a complex modern city)

  • Human

  • Mecha

  • Modern Vehicles

  • Some NSFW kinks (Up to me to decide)

© Ripsa. All rights reserved.


headshot: 60 €

BUST: starts at 150 €

FULLBODY: starts at 190 €

Your character is the main focus
The drawing is fully rendered with a fairly detailed background

About headshot
headshot with ambiant light and a simple background
About bust
A waist up of your character set in a particular environment.
+ 60 € per additional character
About fullbody
Your character remain the main focus and the framing can vary from one illustration to another for the sake of the composition. (Your character will always be shown in at least the American shot).
+ 80 € per additional character
The price can vary according to your request (more characters...)
Let's discuss the price in PM !


Headshot: 30 €

Fullbody: 50 €

Page: starts at 90 €

About sketches page
Base Price includes 3-4 drawings of your character (More poses may be added for additional charges.)
Any additional information you have on your character is super helpful when ordering ! (Likes/Dislikes, Clothing options, or personality)
Small props, effects, and minor details are included.
+ 20 € for an headhot
+40 € a full


Headshot: 40 €

Fullbody: 70 €

About fullbody and headshotRendered and clean drawing of you character without background.
Small props, effects, and minor details can be included for free if I have an idea.


40 €

A fullbody pixel art of your characterTransparent backgroundMinimum size: 400px x 400px

Pixel with background

80 €

Your character is the main focusMinimum size: 400px x 400px


Base price : 110 €

Simple line and flat color. Always includes name, other infos (if you want) and color palette for no extra.May overcharge if you request a complex character or style of clothing.
Can do feral and anthro.
I accept to work without any existing material but with a description and a lot of reference images instead.Base price include :
- two fullbody with similar pose
- one headshot
- one detailed (maw shot, nsfw, eyes...)
- color palet and info
- layout
+Fullbody (different pose) => 40 €
+Headshot (each) => 20 €
+Special view (paw, genital, weapon, maw, accessories...) (each) => 10 €
+Simplified fullbody => 15 €
+Icon for likes and dislikes or simple accessories => 5 €
Other requests are possibleLet's discuss the price in PM !

Discord : AlwinneDreemur#7192 | Telegram : @SRipsa

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